Flower Seeds

 Our heirloom flower seeds make a stunning addition to every garden. They are easy to grow and very rewarding with brilliant blooms and foliage. Flowers also invite nature into your garden, including bees, butterflies and birds.

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Butterfly Weed Seed Castor Bean Seed
Butterfly Weed SeedCastor Bean Seed

Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa) : An extremely hardy, long lived perennial native to North America. The bright orange flowers are concentrated in compact clusters at the top of branching stems. Blooms early summer to late fall. The flowers...

Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis) : Is an annual, native to Africa that grows to a height of 6' to 10' and has large star shaped leaves. The flowers are small white and pink on spikes. The seeds are toxic so handle with care. It is recommended to...